What attracted you to the VW camper?  

Was it the unique design? How about versatility or maybe simplicity?

For me, it was the notion of freedom.  The ability to simplify and go anywhere at the drop of hat.

As a child, I remember thinking how cool those busses were.

The folks that owned them always seemed so happy and content.

I remember the first time I saw a Eurovan camper!  I was so mesmerized by how much you could get into such a small space.

I enjoyed camping with my family as a kid and even throughout my teenage years, but then life happened.

Into my 20’s I lost track of that simplified life I craved and life became all too complicated.

In what seems like a blink of an eye, I finished college, started a career, got married and had my first child.

By the time I turned 30, a second child was born and I was working harder and harder to provide for my family.  I was working long days and coming home to exhausting, but usually sleepless nights.

At the age of 34, I was so overwhelmed with stress both at work and at home, it was taking a toll on my marriage and my health. I was happy but finding myself exhausted and overworked.

I was happy, so I thought, but finding myself exhausted and overworked all the time.

Years later, I came across a Westfalia parked in front of a shopping center one day and it seems to lift my spirits a bit, standing there just looking at it.

It had a FOR SALE sign in it. I remembered being quite shocked at the asking price.

None the less, I was intrigued by the sense of freedom it could possibly bring to me.

The kids were at an age where camping would be a new adventure for them.  They loved going on scavenger hunts and camping seemed like the next step.  My wife and I went camping a few times before they born  but she never cared much for sleeping on the floor of a tent.

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