Who can resist a sweet Syncro?

West Slope Westy

I’ve now stumbled upon my now 6th Syncro and pulled it from its dusty resting spot.

It’s hard for me to pass up a Syncro regardless of its condition. I came across this tin top while discussing my collection with a friend of mine.

He mentioned his Dad had a few Volkswagens and I jumped at the opportunity to speak with him.  I was introduced in a short while and we got to talking VWs.

His father, Mike, was very friendly and talked about how he would never have the time to finish any of his VW projects.

I offered to take a look at them and see if I would find anything of interest. His wife, Barbara was also very nice and was excited about passing the vehicles on. “Time to let them go,” she said.

As always I couldn’t wait to take a look at them and they were located about an hour south of us.

Within a few days I found the time and became excited about the small collection then Mike introduced me to.

There was a 1961 Ragtop Beetle, a 1971 Beetle, a 1967 Beetle, a 1972 VW bus and the 1987 Syncro. 

We worked out a fair deal and I began the process of bringing them home.  Yes, all of them.

West Slope Westy

The Syncro had been sitting out in a field for years and was buried pretty deep in the dirt. With some effort we managed to drag it out and get it up on the trailer.

The back window had been blown out years prior and the interior was covered in a layer of dust. 

The engine sat covered in a storage shed and the transmission was in multiple pieces from a rebuild that had started but, lay unfinished. The body was relatively straight with a minor dent in the front left hand corner.

We gathered all the parts and trailered it home.

This Syncro is certainly worthy of restoration but it may sit for a while as there are so many projects to start and finish.

My son and I did clean out the interior and I’ll replace the rear window to keep the weather at bay.

Overall I’m very pleased with this find, the body is straight.  More importantly it is a rust free example of a terrific survivor.

Until next time, keep it on the road!



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