Is it even possible to have a collection that has too many Vanagons?


Ok, so what do I know about VWs and the wonderful VW camper?  

I actually do know a thing or two, but it’s my enthusiasm that sets me apart.  

It would take me some time to count all the Westys I’ve had in the past few years.  At one point it was real tough for me to say no when one came up for sale.  

Currently, I own:

  1. Peter the Syncro
  2. Herbert the Wolfsburg
  3. Sweet Pea the green 78
  4. Dan the 75,
  5. Blue the Eurovan
  6. Splity the 65

oh…and about 30 others.  That’s right, about 30 others.

So the time has come to wind down and start completing many of the projects I’ve started.  

I’ve stopped looking for new vans, but word has spread about my ever growing collection. People are now reaching out to me when they have one to sell.  

Believe me, it has been tough saying no…and I am still looking for a Syncro Doka.

It takes a great deal of time and money to restore a vehicle. 

Even if I were able to complete one every year, I would be long gone before being able to restore them all.  

So, what to do?  Well, I’ve decided to share some with others and continue my rental business, but in addition I will begin raising funds to open a small museum featuring the beloved camper Vanagon.

I have actually managed to sell a few vans this year and although it was tough to see them go, they went to good homes and hopefully will be enjoyed.  

I’ve traded a few new projects for vehicles that were in excellent condition and I’ve decided which vehicles will stay and which will move on.

I’m having someone else complete the work on the ’65 Splity.  

This is pretty unusual for me as I hate the expense and stress it brings me.  

It will be completely overhauled by Kevin at Rusty Volks Restoration.  That way I know it will be completed in a timely fashion with results better than new.

I plant concentrate on finishing projects vs creating new ones. I do not want to become the person that just has a bunch of junk laying around withering away from the elements.

Rest assured, I will continue to complete what I have started or pass those projects on to others to complete them.

It is an overwhelming task to keep batteries charged and mice at bay, but someone it has to be done…  🙂

Until next time, keep it on the road!



P.S.  Since I originally wrote this post, I believe I’ve purchased 6 more Vanagons.  Oh well, it was a good thought, eh?

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