This week I was reminded of the amateur brake jobs that continue to appear on just about every vehicle I buy.  When brakes start squealing, you’ve already waited to long to attend to a very important safety item on the vehicle.  It’s wise to check your brake wear often and if you have any doubt in your abilities, leave it to a pro.

I’m working on an 85 camper this week that I picked up a few months back.  The van was owned by a mechanic and I am always shocked by how pour some mechanics maintain their own vehicles.  The brakes on this 85 were squealing on the way home and I made it a priority to take care of the issue before working on anything else.

I pulled the front wheels off to find the typical situation.  Plenty of pad with paper thin rotors.  So to all my fellow van lovers “STOP SLAPPING PADS ON!”

This is not the first time I’ve seen a van with plenty of brake pad but paper thin rotors and/or severally worn drums.  Every time I replace brake pads I make sure that rotors and drums are within spec and have a good surface.  This is not an item in which corners should be cut.  If rotors and/or drums are below spec then replace them.  If they are within spec but the surface is in bad shape then resurface them if they can be kept within spec (Refer to your Bentley but most minimum specs can be found on the rotor or drum).

So stop slapping pads on when in reality there is so much more to your braking system.  I’ll post info on the replacement procedure but as this is a safety item it is always best to refer to a professional.  Keep it on the road but most importantly stay safe.


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