Oil funnel hack that anyone can make

Thought I’d share with you my top secret oil funnel.  Sure there are lots of ways to build a funnel.  There are many YouTube videos and posts out there that even explain how.  Heck, for a $1.99 you can probably even purchase one at WalMart or your FLAPS store.

So, what’s so top secret?  Well if you’ve purchased a funnel you have probably already learned that with the approach angel on the oil fill, most funnels need to be held in place while you fill the engine with oil.  This simple hack will not only cost less but it will store easily and keep your hands on the oil bottle, not the funnel.

Start with a one quart plastic oil bottle as shown below:


With a razor blade cut the bottle open to resemble the image below:


You could technically use the bottle just as it is but that certainly wouldn’t be anything special.  Now for the top secret part.  Remove the cap and drill a hole in it.  I use an Unibit also known as a step bit to drill the cap top to the same diameter as the bottle opening:


With the hole drilled out I then screw the cap back on using thread sealing tape:

westslopewesty.comsealingtape           westslopewesty.comfunnelcomplete

So, with the cap back on and the oil fill extended, the new funnel fits perfectly.  More importantly it stays in place pretty well:

westslopewesty.comfunnelinplace           westslopewesty.comfunnelview
I’m sure you get the idea.  Hope this helps!

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