If you own a VW Vanagon keep reading!

I never imagined it would happen to a van that was close to me.  

Recently, I gave a Westy to my brother as he was in need of some money.  

He decided to sell the van with my assistance to a very nice man by the name of Jeff.  

Jeff asked lots of questions and I was very happy that the van would be going to a good home. He had plans to take his grandchildren on camping trips and enjoy it as a daily driver.

As with all the vans I’ve decided to let go, I always warn people of the potential for problems and even give examples of past problems I’ve had personally.  

Because of all the horror stories and videos online, I always carry a fire extinguisher with me and recommend that my friends do the same.

Not long after buying the van, Jeff texted photos of the burning van while he waited for the fire department to arrive.   I was extremely distraught at the thought of one of my vans bursting into flames.  

But thank goodness no one had been injured in this freak accident.


Avoid a Fire in your VW Vanagon CHECK YOUR FUEL SYSTEM OFTEN!


My family was also very upset to find out that the van that we had put so much love into had caught fire and was declared a total loss.  

I was literally at a loss for words and my entire family cried the night I told them.  

This was a van that had taken them safely to the county fair to show off their 4H projects.  

It had been on many wonderful journeys.   It had taken us to drive-in movies, through a rough trek from Fort Collins, CO in a down-pour that flooded much of Northern Colorado.  (See my other post)

My family had always called it “Acid Rain Van.” When we purchased it, there were some small round rust spots on the finish that looked like acid rain had attacked it.  

With some buffing and polishing the spots all came out.   The van was absolutely stunning by the time we had done some small upgrades.  

We put a great deal of time into replacing the pop top tent, removing seam rust properly, and completing a great deal of other items that it needed.

I never could have imagined that it would all go up in flames just a month after we said goodbye.

Needless to say, I am still in shock at the very thought that this has happened.  But worse still, if I had been driving it or heaven forbid my wife and kids.  

Since this tragedy, I have refrained from driving any of my vans until I can thoroughly recheck fuel lines, injector seals, clamps, crimps, tanks etc.  My children, wife and I are all fearful that this a very real and possible situation but we also understand the danger in owning older vehicles.


My family and I are all fearful that this is a verypossibilityiblity, but we also understand the danger in owning older vehicles.


I am here to say, as I try to comprehend what has happened… GET YOUR FUEL SYSTEM CHECKED NOW!

Do not wait another day!!

If you have any doubt whatsoever in your own abilities, have a professional that truly understands these vehicles, inspect every nook and cranny for potential failure.  

Just because a fuel line looks good it doesn’t mean that it is good.  Spend the money to replace all aspects of the fuel system and don’t just stop with resealing the tank.  

Don’t let your van fall victim to such a disaster.

This has caused me to lose sleep at night.  I will definitely continue this topic once I have some time to process it further.

Good luck to everyone and please keep it safe.


Until next time, keep it on the road!

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